About the Oskola Print Project

Who are we?

We are Oskola s.r.o. and we have been developing and creating educational picture cards for children for over 8 years. You may know our e-shop "Obrázková škola" ("Picture School") where you can purchase hundreds of different printed and laminated tools.

What is Oskola Print?

Oskola Print is a web app which allows teachers and parents select or create educational tools tailored to the specific needs of children or adult clients -- made-to-order. We have developed this app to accomodate any requirements of our customers.

What will you find in the app?

We have a lot of content in store for you. This includes libraries containing thousands of pictures, lists of curricula, and hundreds of ready-to-use products. You can select and customize any of our products according to your needs. Or you can create your own product using our lists and pictures.

What are the advantages?

You can create your own educational materials in a few minutes. We will check your product, print it on a professional digital printer and process it. You'll simply wait for the messenger to deliver your cards to you, and you won't pay more than if you made the cards on your own.

Anything else?

We hire deaf employees (as part of the sheltered labour market) who are involved in the entire production process. You receive credits for the products you create yourselves, and you can then use them with your order.