FAQ - Nejčastější dotazy

What is the Oskola Print app? Who is it for?

The app is especially geared towards those who need educational tools. This can include teachers, parents, speech therapists and others. You don't have to educate only children; our app lets you create educational tools for adult students or clients. Creating the cards takes a few minutes, we will print them out and you will save a lot of time.

Using the app, you can also create all sorts of gifts (memory games, dobble and others) or print your PDFs on a professional printer (coming soon). So the app can be used by anyone, even though it is primarily used to create and print educational tools.

Why can't I download a PDF?

Our goal is to save your time with tool preparation and to deliver ready-to-use material. If we sent you a PDF, we would only save a fraction of the time you could use on the preparation of such tools. We deliver ready-to-use tools for the same or lower price as if you created it at home or at school. Zpracování probíhá na produkční tiskárně a poskytnutí dat pro kancelářskou tiskárnu by ani nebylo možné.

Where did you get the pictures? Can I download them

Pictures available in the app come from various sources. Some of them were drown in Oskola by us, whether by hand or on a computer. You might know some of the others from Oskola's products. Some pictures have a free licence or we have purchased the licence from other authors. You cannot download the pictures because only we can use the license -- but you can use the pictures to create your products here.

When will I receive the cards?

We try to print and make the product you select or create and add to cart the following day. You can therefore expect to have them delivered in 2-3 days.

The pictures I need are not in the libraries.

Our team is constantly processing new pictures. Don't hesitate and write to us which ones you need. We're also preparing two new functions for the libraries. The first one is the option to upload your own pictures -- whether photos or something else. The second function we're working on is the option to vote in a poll on ideas for new libraries. Our team will then give the highest priority to the themes you're most interested in.

Why should I sign up?

If you want to create your own content, you have to be signed up and logged in. Signing up only takes a few minutes. By signing up, you will acquire "My Account" where you can collect credits. You can get credits with chargeable coupons or by creating content. Credits may be used while you're ordering to get a discount on the items you've chosen.

How will I receive credits in "My Account"?

You can find your points and their value in CZK in "My Account" after logging in.